Appeals and Litigation Support for Trial Lawyers

Experienced Representation at Joel S. Perwin, P.A.

Joel S. Perwin, P.A. is an appellate law firm which practices in both Federal and State appellate courts, in cases arising from all areas of civil practice, and also provides litigation support to trial lawyers. This includes the preparation of major trial-level motions and memoranda, and the conduct of oral arguments-assistance which is invaluable in preserving the client’s rights on appeal.

Mr. Perwin has almost 400 reported appellate decisions, including two U.S. Supreme Court appearances, 36 reported Florida Supreme Court decisions, 46 reported decisions of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, and appearances in almost every other federal Court of Appeals, as well as several other State Supreme Courts. He has represented hundreds of clients in commercial, consumer and personal injury cases.

Unlike many appellate practices, Mr. Perwin’s P.A. does not employ associates or law clerks. Mr. Perwin does all of the work on every case himself, and limits the number of cases he accepts in order to provide this personal representation. The largest part of his practice comes from referrals from other attorneys, who are looking for the best appellate representation for their clients.

Contact Joel S. Perwin, P.A. if you have any questions regarding the firm or service. The firm is located in Miami, Florida in the renowned Alfred I. DuPont Building, across the street from the Gusman Theater.

The law firm of Joel S. Perwin, P.A., is an appellate law firm which also provides litigation support to trial lawyers. The office is located in Miami, Florida, and serves clients globally and in the communities within Miami-Dade County.